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Ever seen the ugly side of Beauty Products?

Brands all over the world successfully sell beauty. We faithfully fall for rosy promises and use cosmetic products daily.

A survey conducted by the Environmental Working Group revealed that “the average woman uses 12 products containing 168 unique chemical ingredients every day”. Some of these chemicals have been linked to a number of health problems from allergies and skin sensitivity to more serious hormonal imbalances, fertility problems and even cancer.

Time to look beyond the labels, the substances and methods used to develop these products. According to Humane Society International, “approximately 200,000 animals suffer and die for cosmetics every year. They have chemicals forced down their throats, dripped into their eyes and rubbed onto their shaved skin, just so your favorite beauty products make it to the market”.

At DropCare, we believe a small change can make a big difference. How about we switch to safer products for ourselves, our loved ones and for planet Earth? DropCare brings to you natural ingredients without chemicals or preservatives, so you can make (design) your own cosmetics at home. We call it beauty that’s healthy, not guilty. Let’s put an end to brands dictating who we are and who we should be!

Join us in our mission to empower true beauty. Together, we can be the difference.